Our FAQ is here to help! If you have any questions that aren't covered below, please contact us!


1. Do you have different classes for different age groups?

We offer classes for two different age groups. GIFT Crew: Grades 5-6, and GIFT Squad: Grades 7-12.


2. Are your instructors certified fitness professionals?

Absolutely! All GIFT instructors have been carefully screened and selected. They are fully certified fitness professionals and have extensive teaching experience.


3. What will my daughter learn in the hour?

Every week GIFT girls will get an amazing fitness class taught by the most vibrant teachers in the City. They will get a motivating and inspiring 55 minute class that will teach proper exercise form, educate them on the benefits of being fit and healthy and great exposure to so many different fitness disciplines.


4. can my daughter take more than one class during the week?

GiFT Classes are now UNLIMITED! Your daughter has the opportunity to take as many classes as she'd like during the week, provided that she chooses a "home" class when registering. She must attend her "home" class.


5. What other fun fitness activities and workouts will the girls be exposed to?

During the year the girls will be exposed to a variety of fitness disciplines in a safe, judgement free and FUN environment. Some examples of the fitness adventures include learning boxing, barre, cross-fit, kangoo jump, pilates, yoga, cardio dance and so much more.


6. Can I sign my daughter up for only half a session?

The GIFT program runs from September to May/June. While GIFT is not a team sport, there are some similarities in that the girls will act and function as a community, or team. GIFT is about building confidence. We don't want any girl to feel like she was being left out if they were to enroll for only half of the year. The program is well organized in advance, and the by-product of this program is a community of girls that know they can rely on each other, be “themselves” without the pressures of school, and be on a journey of growth. Splitting the program into session and a per class basis would go against the values of GIFT and inevitably, the girls who chose to do GIFT for only a period of time would feel like they were “detached” from the community - one that is designed to build them up and make them feel powerful and strong.


7. What if my daughter misses a class?

No problem, she can always take one of the other age appropriate classes scheduled during the week. Spots are reserved in each class to accommodate those instances.


8. What if my daughter has health issues or injuries?

We advise parents to inform our GiFT Leaders ahead of time of any illness, health issue or injury. During the class, the GIFT Leader will offer modifications to certain exercises if appropriate and as necessary.


9. My daughter is already doing dance/soccer/hockey, etc - why should I sign up for GiFT if she is already active in other ways? 

If your daughter is already enrolled in another active extra curricular activity that is GREAT! GiFT will give your daughter more strength and endurance and a variety of dryland training to do better at dance/soccer/hockey.

HOWEVER, the reality is, studies show that chances are by the time girls are in their teenage years they drop out of dance, soccer or hockey, etc because it either becomes too competitive or they don’t enjoy it like they once did. GiFT is FOR LIFE - learning how to exercise PROPERLY at a young age is critical. Learning to “fit a workout in your regular day” is critical. Learning to NOT make excuses that you "don't have time” to exercise is SO IMPORTANT. Learning to MOVE YOUR BODY EVERY SINGLE DAY - is what sets the stage for the future. If these young girls start this lifestyle early in life they secure their future of healthy living and EXERCISE BECOMES NATURAL and part of their regular daily routine. As a parent of three children, exercise is NOT AN OPTION - it is a necessary and mandatory part of my children’s life. I know that when my kids exercise, they are happier, healthier and much more focussed. So let’s get our kids moving, sweating doing burpees, lunges, squats, pushups - all of it!!!!