Meet the GiFT Team!

Maxie Richman



👩🏼Nickname: Mashie

🍎Fav pre/post workout snack: Any kind of bowl! Smoothie bowl, savoury bowl, just give me a bowl with something in it and I’m a happy girl.

🎶Fav Workout Song: Bird Set Free by Sia

💪🏻Fav Exercise: Bosu Burpee with cross body knee drive

Pet Peeve: Twins who dress the same

🙋🏼‍Most Likely To: Road rage

Marlie Cohen



👩🏻Nickname: Marmar

🍎Fav pre/post workout snack: Green Smoothie

🎶Fav Workout Song: Wanna Be Starting Something - Michael Jackson

💪🏻Fav Exercise: Spinning

Pet Peeve: Toronto traffic

🙋🏻‍Most Likely To: Take a post workout selfie


Hannah Kovacs



👩🏼Nickname: Han

🍎Fav pre/post workout snack: Banana & Almond Butter or Smoke Salmon on Crackers

🎶Fav Workout Song: Work - Rhianna & Drake

💪🏻Fav Exercise: Burpees!

Pet Peeve: Car horns

🙋🏼‍Most Likely To: Run as a form of transportation