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Please make sure that you purchase a contract (see step 3) before enrolling your daughter into a class.

Step-by-step guide to register


1. Create an Account for your daughter

Before you register your daughter, you must Create an Account. This Account will be exclusive to purchases made on our Online Store. Enter the Parent/Guardian email address to be prompted to the next step to enter your daughter's information.


2. Enter your Daughter's information

  1. Enter your daughter's information, grade, and Emergency Contact

  2. Add in your parent/guardian email address

  3. Ensure that "email reminders & notifications" is checked" in order to receive order confirmation, and any other communication pertaining to the Class.

  4. Agree to the Liability Waiver

Enter your Daughter's information - click to view larger.

Important! You cannot enroll your daughter unless you've purchased a contract (steps 3-5).

3. Select your contract

After creating your account, click on the Online Store tab to select a contract 

We’re pleased to offer TWO payment options (full, or 3 payments). To begin registering your daughter into the 2019-2020 enrolment, please select a payment option (contract) from the dropdown menu that you would like.

Select a contract - click to view larger.



4. Make your Purchase ("add to cart")

After selecting your contract, make your purchase. All totals include Ontario HST. 

4A. Make your purchase ("add to cart") - click to view larger.

4B. Check out - click to view larger.



5. Check Out / Place Order

Enter your billing information in order to process the order.

Enter your billing information - click to view larger.



6. Enrol your Daughter into a GIFT 2019-2020 Class

After confirmation of your order, click on the Enrollments tab, and Sign Up for a Class at your desired location from the classes listed below.

NOTE: This class will be her "HOME" class. GiFT now offers UNLIMITED classes, but your daughter must choose a main "home" class to enroll into.

Sign up for a class! - click to view larger.


SEPTEMBER 2019 to 
JUNE 2020

What's included: 

Weekly classes to tone, strengthen and create endurance by top notch certified fitness professionals, and boost confidence!

Exposure to the latest and greatest fun fitness trends like boxing, yoga, Zumba, barre, hip-hop AND MORE!

Price: $1249 (+hst)


Be a part of the GIFT Community!


Registration FAQ

1. Can I register two or more daughters at the same time?
At this time, your daughters must be registered individually, with separate email addresses used to create their account during the first step in the registration guide.

2. Why can't I enrol/I get an error message.
In order to enrol/register, you must have already paid for a contract. Please see step 3 before selecting a class to enrol in.

3. I accidentally signed up for the wrong class. What can I do?
Please contact us with your daughter's name and the correct class that you would like to register her in and we can make the adjustments. Note: any adjustments must be made before the first day of class.